How To Market Your Book?

BookWrangler will write a one paragraph summary of your book for you to send to various blogs, websites, newsletters and social media pages. You can also post this summary yourself on social media sites where you have an account. Further, many blogs, websites, newsletters, and social media pages review and promote e-books. The reviewers on the following blogs make serious impacts on the sales of books and e-books:


Kindle Reader:



Pixel of Ink:

Inspired Reads:

Kindle Nation:              


You can write to the above resources in an effort to get your book reviewed, mentioned and / or listed on the sites. Getting your e-book mentioned on these sites can help generate many downloads. Some of these sites offer free listings and other sites charge a fee. You can also request a feature review of your book on some of these sites. For example, Kindle Nation offers author sponsorship opportunities to promote your book for $99 and up. Moreover, you can pay for e-book-related sites to run ads for your book on sites such as GoodReads.