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BOOKWRANGLER is proud to announce its recent publication of two new books.

The Blue of the Fire by Melissa Kerry

This is a  collection of poetry rooted in the analysis of self as well as self in relation to others. The book examines themes common to psychoanalysis, as well as the meaning of being a writer/creator. Some poems provide a commentary about the act of writing and others poems delve into relationships and various psychological phenomena. There are four sections: Self, Mother, Other and Lover. $15 plus shipping and handling. Click here to purchase.

Mr. McCoodle Shares a Secret by Melissa Kerry

This is a children’s picture book intended to foster emotional intelligence in children and to prompt children to talk about their feelings. It is the story of a man who faces challenges identifying and expressing his feelings, who finally recognizes fear in himself and does not allow it to stop him from experiencing fun at a fair. The main character has many friends of diverse backgrounds, including animals. The book features fabulous, colorful illustrations to engage young readers. Click here to purchase. $15.99 plus shipping and handling.